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MBA International Business (MBA)

Launch your international management career with an MBA in International Business! This programme paves the way for a global career by equipping you with comprehensive skills in entrepreneurial leadership and management, alongside abundant practical experience. Your coursework is delivered through a blend of online and in-person sessions in Cologne, enhanced by intensive courses in London. By spending up to four weeks a year in London, you'll earn two esteemed international degrees and gain the right to use the title "MBA". This programme is ideally suited for working professionals who already possess a bachelor's degree in any discipline and are looking to take their careers to an exciting new international level.

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Practical relevance
Study alongside your job
Language of instruction: english
Lecturers from the field
Best career prospects
Internationally renowned degree
Semesterstart Start of Study

March and September


RegelstudienzeitDuration of Study

4 Semesters (90 CP)


StudienortPlace of Study

Cologne and London

Vorlesungszeiten Lecture Times

specific to study programme



Master of Business Administration, MBA



579 Euros per month

Your Career Outlook

Earning an MBA in International Business from the University of East London (UEL) and Rheinische Hochschule Köln (RH) sets you on a path toward a career in international management. This programme is uniquely structured as a "dual degree" offer, meaning that successful graduates will be awarded not just one, but two certifications: one from RH, based on the ECTS grading system, and another from UEL, which follows the British Higher Education System.

Unlike a traditional Master's degree, the MBA is internationally esteemed for its focus on leadership and management skills, preparing you to assume senior roles in general management.

Career Path 

The "International Business" MBA programme equips you for pivotal positions in global-player companies, where a deep understanding of different cultures and strong management skills are paramount.

You're also well-suited for roles in management and strategy consulting sectors that value sharp analytical skills and abilities for solving complex problems. If corporate finance, investment banking, or risk management intrigue you, this programme lays the groundwork with its emphasis on financial acumen and strategic decision-making. In the realms of marketing and sales, you'll have the chance to craft marketing strategies and oversee global sales networks. For those drawn to the tech world, the programme offers a gateway to spearhead innovations, or you could dedicate yourself to fostering sustainable business models and corporate social responsibility in sustainability management.

Programme Overview

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme is designed to provide you with a broad range of skills, preparing you for senior leadership roles. As an MBA candidate, you'll develop the managerial expertise necessary to occupy future executive positions.

  • Course Content

    Rooted in the Anglo-American tradition, the MBA in International Business offers a comprehensive general management foundation, and at the same time enabling you to specialize further with post-study certifications and qualifications. The curriculum covers essential business aspects, from core business principles and management techniques to information systems and sustainability. Your learning experience is enhanced through participation in teamwork and interactive learning.

    In addition to theoretical and analytical knowledge in marketing, business management, finance, and HR, this MBA hones your leadership and negotiation skills, along with your ability to navigate successfully in diverse cultural environments. These competencies are key to success in executive roles.

    Practical application is pivotal to the programme. The aim is to empower you to seamlessly transfer the gained academic competencies to your professional endeavours.

    All courses are delivered in English, enhancing your language proficiency alongside your managerial skills.

  • Curriculum
    Module Location  Onsite hours/ semester week ECTS M-Level Credits (U.K.) Language
    1 2 3 4
    1.        Semester   12 30 60  
    1.1 Accounting, Finance and Managing Information Systems Cologne 6       15 30 EN
    1.2 Mental Wealth: Professional Fitness, Leadership & HRM London 6       15 30 EN
    2.        Semester   12 30 60  
    2.1 Marketing in the Digital Age & Operations Management Cologne   6     15 30 EN
    2.2 Corporate Social Responsibility & Business Strategy Cologne   6     15 30 EN
    3.        Semester   6 15 30  
    3 Business Simulation with People Development London     6   15 30 EN
    4.        Semester     15 30  
    4 Management Dissertation Cologne         15 30 EN
    Sum   30 90 180 EN

Getting into the Programme

Interested in pursuing a Master's in International Business (MBA)? Check the prerequisites, how to apply, and the associated costs.

  • Admission Requirements

    The admission requirements for the Master's in International Business (MBA) are detailed in our Master's Admission Guidelines.

  • Application Process

    First, sign up using our online form. You'll then receive the application pack by mail and an email with extra instructions on securing your place in the programme. For the International Business MBA, a single application to RH is all it takes. No need to apply separately to our partner, UEL.

  • Fees

    You can find all information in our fee schedule.

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